Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time Sure Fly's when you are havin fun

Two years ago this week I went to the Dr because of headaches and feeling crappy. The Dr calls on the phone and says,meet me in ER your kidneys are failing and you are about to stroke out. I said, "WTF" but Chrystal made me go. I thought I was a fat old man who had taken aleve for too many years to relieve the pain of worn out body parts left over from being a wrestler and firefighter.

Boy was I wrong. After a lot of tests, meds, and a diet that didn't work, I was on dialysis and was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. After months of Chemo and a stem cell transplant, I have been in full remission and cancer free for over a year. I went to the kidney Dr today and he said I was still fat and needed more exercise an a healthy diet, but things looked good.

My Job as a firefighter gave me cancer, but I wouldn't do it any different. God gave me the strength to serve in the greatest job on earth.

I have so many thank you's to all who loved and supported me, My loving wife Chrystal beside me through it all, my kids,my grandkids(who don't even know they helped), my mom and dad and siblings, all my friends at church, and every single brother and sister in the IAFF! A special thanks to the members of my home local #1760 and my friends in local #1828. Kim Cole, my staff person and friend, put up with my crap and kept things gong at the office when I was sick. I could not write this with out thanking sister Colette from Seattle local 27 who brought her crew from station 17 to see me in the hospital. what a treat that was.

God Bless you all and thank God I am here. We have come a long way together in two years and I still have a long life to serve. thanks to all of you for your prayers and thank God.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

1 year celebration

WOW! it seems like yesterday. on March 12th 2010 I had my stem cell transplant at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I wondered for a few weeks what the heck I had put myself through,but looking back it was all worth it. Today, still in remission, kidneys are at 40% and that is ok. I just had a check up and all was well except the kidney dr says lose weight. So demanding!

After a year I still deal with the numb toes and childhood runny noses but it is sure better than the alternative.

I would not be here today if it were not for all the prayers and support I got from so many friends and family. My wife and kids have been rock stars and every time I see Trinity, Caitlyn, and Gunnar I realize how special life is. When I was healing I was determined to see the G-Man come into this world. I was born the week that the Drs at SCCA released to go forth and cause trouble.

My mom ad dad have been there every step of the way.

I am sure over the year I have not offered thanks to those in my IAFF family enough. My sisters and brothers from Shoreline Fire who were always available to help our when needed. Brother Doug Dahl from Edmonds/FD#1 who took me out for a beer when I needed a little relax time. Special thanks to Colette who brought her crew from Seattle Fire to see me in the hospital. I was feeling crappy that day and it lifted me up. I still owe that crew ice cream.

during the last year I have watch other brother firefighters and a dear friend on the Edmonds city council battle cancer. John Knighten who like me was treated for multiple Myeloma and is not only back on full duty in Spokane, but climbed the Colombia Tower. Rick Peters is beginning his fight but I know he will win. I am looking forward to Rick going into remission so we can all gather for a firefighter cancer survivor party and pass around an old bottle of Irish whiskey waiting to be opened.

God has given me a second chance at life and I intend to make the best of it.