Monday, July 9, 2012

Another year under my belt

Well, time keeps marching on and I am still in remission. I was first hospitalized in June of 2009 and diagnosed in July. Chemo got me to the point where I no longer needed dialysis and then my stem cell transplant got me in remission in March 2010. Today I am still closely watched by my Dr's and take a maintenence drug. Overall I feel awesome, Chrystal and I walk between 2 and 3 miles a day and we celebrated our anniversary with a day hike at Mt Rainier. My Kidney Dr harasses me about my wieght and eating habits, but I am a foodie who likes wine,so that will always be a struggle. This has been a rugged few weeks emotionaly because a firefighter with myeloma has passed on and another has had his myeloma return. It is hard to see that happen to so many firefighters, but I continue to celebrate my life in thier honor. This year, Chrystal, Marsha, Rebecca and granddaughter Trinity joined me for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I was able to walk 18.25 miles. As life goes on I have decided to get out of retirement and go back to work. work is healthy and makes me feel productive. I have been blessed to beat the odds and kick this terrible cancer in the ass. Part of that blessing is to be able to see our family grow. Maggie Grace joined the clan in december bring our total grandkids to four. God has given us four angels for grandchildren and we are so lucky. Each time I hold one of them I thank God for giving me a second chance.