Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr Follow Up

Had my follow up appointment with the kidney Dr on Monday and he said see ya in 3 months! Creatinine is 2.3 and kidneys are working. my BP was a a little higher than the Dr liked so i am back on meds to keep it low.

No the really big news! My first post transplant blood work came back with everything in the normal range, including the Kappa and Lambda light chains! That means no cancer in my blood!

Sometime in June I will get a follow up bone marrow biopsy to see where things are in my bone marrow. We are winning the fight!

I returned to the office this week and did really well. still get a little tired in the afternoon, but even old guys with no cancer need a nap. I continue to get stronger with time.

Mothers Day is Sunday and it will be special! Although my mom is out of town and missed, Chrystal and I will see our girls and grandchildren, including new grandson Gunner. My mom's love has a lot to do with my strength and for that I thank her. Chrystal is a great and loving mom to our three kids and she still has time to care for me. That is pretty darn special.

God bless you all and thanks for your on going thoughts and prayers.


ps. in case you didn't see the Everett Herald, here is a story they did about my return to work.

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