Friday, April 23, 2010

time to catch up

It has been a busy couple weeks, so we have some catching up to do. things have gone remarkably well. I got my hickman out, I am no longer on IV fluid, and my appetite has returned to normal. On April 19th day 37 I was "discharged" from the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance" system and returned to my home Dr for follow up. My blood counts are very good and I am getting stronger every day. The SCCA folks are the best and the treatment is cutting edge. I feel blessed that I live in a place where so many advances are being made.

In the middle of all the excitement of finishing up at SCCA our daughter Rebecca gave birth on April 15th to Gunner Thor Chrisofferson an 8lb 2oz bundle of joy. He was born with more hair then me.

I took a few hours and went to the office so I could attend a hearing and vote on an important set of land use decisions. It was challenging to my strength and while i was tired after, I felt energized and healthy. I was a little tricky avoiding contact with the crowd in the lobby and hearing room, but that is what back doors and stairs are for. My plan is to start keeping limited hours the first week of May.

Yesterday I saw Dr Rosenshein for the first time since Jan and he was encouraged by how well I was feeling. Next week I see the kidney Dr for follow up. I can't wait for him to see how my kidneys have healed. My creatinine is down to 2! That's about 40% function. I thank God for healing my Kidneys. I have been off dialysis since feb.

I look forward to seeing all of you from time to time. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

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