Friday, April 2, 2010

Hospital stay part 1

Hi ya’ll! Bet you thought I wasn’t coming back. Well. I’m Baaack! Anyway, I thought when I went in for my hospital stay I would be a bloging fool, turns out I was a fool too sick to blog.

On March 19th the Dr’s finally decided that that I need some time in the Hospital. In addition to the pooping and puking, I was receiving platelets and red cells to keep counts up, plus my whites were low. Oh and I decided to have a temp of 102. So off I went to UDub Club Med.

The first couple days, I was loaded with antibiotics, fluids and more platelets and red cells. In addition, they added nutrition in a bag. I looked a lot like a giant margarita.

The whole week was a blur, but Chrystal was by my side day and night. Jim Came up from Oly a couple times so she run home for a hot shower and a break from the delirious guy with a fever. I am not sure how much of my life I rambled about but I kept my poor wife awake while I talked to my self. Something triggered me to start chatting about calls I had been on with Dan Smith. Dan was a guy I worked many years and was a great partner both on aid car and engine.

Speaking of ff’s word got out that I was at UW so someone from shoreline who new someone from Seattle made a call and I get a surprise visit from E17 and L 9. A visit in class B uniforms no less. Lt Mc Lennon is a friend a I owe her crew a special thanks. They brought a smile to our faces and hearts that only sister and brother ff bring each other. The crew also brought me a winter hat which was perfect because I had lost my hair.

The hair loss saga was another kind of fun part of being sick. I wake one morning and my pillow is matted with hair, my hair! so I run my fingers though my locks and come out with a hand full. My nurse Geoff says we have clippers for that and set up a barbershop in the room. the rest is history.

Geoff was a great nurse by the way. He walks in the first day he is assigned my room and says, “the nurses are all saying you are a tough guy and wait to long to ask for meds, so here’s the deal ya won’t better that way, I am your tough guy I am like your holigan tool you need something You get it.”

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