Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 28

today is day 28. Yesterday my appointments went well. I am off IV fluid as long as I can maintain 87 oz of fluid a day on my own. That is a lot of pee! the reason so much fluid is to flush the toxic meds and to make sure my kidneys are clear. I am hear to tell all that fluid is ""flushing" fine and the kidneys just keep getting better.

If all goes well next week, I will be discharged back to my dr at home for follow up o the 19th. My appetite needs to continue to improve and we need to have the nausea under control. those things are happening.

I am hoping to be back in my office first week of May, at least part time. I can't wait to be back in the grind. I don't worry much about over work, because between Chrystal at home and Kimberly at the office I have a conspiracy against me.

Anyway, I am feeling good,, time to get out and about. the Dr warned that when deciding what to do and where to go to think of my immune system as one of an infant. go and do what you would with a newborn. lots of germs out there, so i got to be careful. if ya see me, virtual hand shakes work.

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  1. Keep dominating Mike! I am at Day +3 today and the toughest thing thus far has been the nausea, but very manageable thanks to Ativan!