Wednesday, March 17, 2010

dealing with the uncomfortable stuff

well it's the end of day 5 and the last couple days have been a challenge. most of my time been spend dealing with two words that start with p or if you are the less graphic type words that start with d and v. Anyway those little discomforts were expected and will last a few days. i gotta say the last time i vomited as much as yesterday was many years ago and involved irish whiskey and firefighters.

anyway my blood counts continue to drop and will until about day 10 so then things begin to improve. my weight has dropped a little from low fluid and barfing so i now get 2 liters of iv fluid a day at how. still better then the hospital. at home i sleep next to my care giver. in addition to fluid my red cells and crit were low so yesterday and today i got some fresh red stuff. my whites are low enough that i am now on super high dose antibiotics and need to stay out of the germ filled world as much as possible. my platelets are not yet low enough for platelets but the soon will be.

Other than feeling like crap today was a happy st paddy's day. i still have my red hair chrystal cooked a corned beef. i had a little slice and we froze the rest for a day when i can enjoy with a guiness. Guiness has to wait for immune system rebound. I only get pasteurized beer.

finally yesterday my loving wife cared for me and cleaned up after me on her birthday. we had planned pizza and a movie At home but sometimes stuff happens. I felt guilty all day because i couldn't do for her, but at least i wished her a happy birthday first thing in the morning. the Lord has blessed me with her.

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