Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the "Bone Pain" was worth it!

first day of stem cell collection was a huge success. The goal is to collect 10million cells. we got 5.6 million today, so if all goes well we only collect tomorrow. cell collection is a lot like dialysis, you are a 4 hour ride to nowhere. as usual the staff was great. the rooms are private and we have the same nurse the whole time. Dr Bensinger came by to say my numbers were awesome and cell count was higher than typical. That was pretty exciting. so all that pain i had was worth it because once again my body beat the average. So far the platlets are good which means no transfusions for now.

If all goes well we are on track to have day Zero be the end of next week. Day Zero is transplant day. first i have a tooth that the dr wants pulled to reduce infection risk. Than happens friday, then they need to let it heal for 4 or 5 days. after that 2 days of scorched earth chemo then the transplant. woo hoo!

stay tuned for the wild irishman in a pony tail pic to be posted. once the chemo happens who knows what will happen to my hair. Chrystal is making me some designer doo rags, just in case i go bald.

All of my treatment so far is out patient and will continue out patient unless i get an infection or something.

Thanks again for all your support. together with Gods help we are winning.

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  1. I'm really glad to here things are progressing so well. I chuckled to hear that Chrystal is making you doo-rags. That's what I wore when I was bald. And I can't wait for the ponytail picture. All the best!