Monday, March 8, 2010

Dr Bensinger thinks I am nuts.

Today we went through the the next few weeks in great detail. Dr Bensinger went over the chemo treatment telling me why my dose was one day instead of two. Because of my kidneys he did not want to risk loading in with "toxic stuff". Then he talked about how they would give me back my cells over a longer period of time on friday again to protect kidneys. I'll get lots of extra fluids in order to "flush" the uneeded "blood garbage" through the kidneys. those are the doc's words not mine.

We went over each med and all the sideaffects in great detail ncluding what to expected at my low point next week when my blood counts are zero. and then how i would improve.

After all the explaination he asked me if I was ready and I said, "it sounds like a holiday, let's go." he and the gold team nurse about fell out of thier chairs at my sick humor. Chrystal just shook her head.

it's officially a go!

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  1. And what the hell else were you supposed to say? As long as you are not in denial (I don't think you are), you might as well decide to enjoy the ride.

    I'm in my 6th cancer-free year.