Sunday, March 7, 2010

a weekend to relax sort of

I have cancer, I've been through chemo, had more needles than any on person deserves, been on dialysis, been poked, prodded and examined, but what causes the most stress of all? My dental appointment!! Friday we went to the U of W to have what was left of a broken tooth pulled. It needed to be done last spring, but I got multiple myeloma along the way and my world changed. So, I sat like a big boy while the dentist chipped and chiseled until he got the roots out, using only a local. The dentist was good and a funny guy but he will never be my friend because he is a dentist.

Sat i had only had to go down and get my blood drawn and Sunday we had no appointments, so it was a weekend of hanging out with my sweetheart and catching up on rest. also doing some planning to get the house ready for post transplant recovery time. Sunday we had Princess Trinity here so her mommy could deal with some health problems.

Things are going quite well with Chrystal flushing the hickman and doing dressing changes. She is a first class health care provider. It is a good thing we have so much love for each other, cause we are discovering that routines need to change. I am slow to change, but she approaches it with grace and love and things work out.

She is an amazing woman to be managing this stubborn redhead. I try hard not to be cranky pants. :) It is not always easy to literally place your life in the hands of others, but I know God has surrounded me with people to care for me.

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