Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Zero Big Success

Friday was a long but successful day. Because of by kidney's I go an hour in between each bag of cells. there are 4 bags of cells..2 hrs of hydration first, and 4 hours hydration at the end you do the math. Bottom line we checked in at 0730 hours and out at 1945 hrs.I got a prize of a little extra fluid cause my blood pressure was a little on the low side.

just prior to giving a bag of cells i got some drugs for nausea and possible allergic reaction. just like clock work I go a tickle in my throat and nausea. good thing the drug was there. One interesting side note, remember the controversial pain med from a few years back called DMSO? that is what the store stem cells in when they are frozen in liquid nitrogen.

day 1 and 2 have not been with out challenges. my gi tract seems to be confused about bodily so I am still dealing with outhouse trots and a little vomit. Hope this isn't TMI as the kids say.

Today when i went to clinic my pressure was low again so Chrystal has me hooked to the fluid pump. I wounder if these bags come with wine in them?

anyway it's all in a days work toward recovery. i will have good and bad days but once engrafting happens it is all good.

Bless you all.

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