Thursday, March 11, 2010

a day of rest, so I did

Yesterday, Wednesday was chemo day. We had an early start at 7:30 a.m. first blood draw then hydration and anti nausea meds. the chemo it self was a pretty short part of the day. then more hydration. before going home Chrystal was trained on the use of the portable pump so i could get fluids at home. So, I carried my liter bota bag home and spent the next several hours getting fluid. Oh I forgot the ice chips...30 minutes before my chemo went on and for 6 hours after I sucked on I chips to freeze the inside of my mouth. research at SCCA has shown that this reduces mouth sores from the chemo.

Speaking of side effects, things are tolerable so far. Had a little bout with the back door trots yesterday but that has calmed for now. The anti nausea med seem to be doing their job for now.

Today, we went in for a blood draw and check up on the day of rest. all of my blood counts continue to be good, with some encouraging news on kidney function. I have been off dialysis now for 2 weeks and my kidneys have improved. My creatinin is at 2.5.

the rest of today i layed low and took a couple naps. napping makes the nausea better. :)

Tomorrow is the big day starting at 7:30 a.m. and we will be there for 12 hours.

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