Monday, March 1, 2010

cells growing like dandilions

the growth factor shots are going well. today was day 3 and tomorrow at 7:30 am we go on the machine to to collect cells. today my cell count was so good they almost decided to collect today. it is an interesting process, the shots don't hurt but the side affect "bone pain" sucks. and i haven't grown an inch. so when i ask the nurse what is "bone pain" she responded by saying it is like the pain you have when you work out too hard or an achy flu pain, then she added how you feel after the first long motorcycle after a long winter. Chrystal laughed out loud. anyway it is more like how you feel after fighting the biggest fire job of your, humping hose for hours. I have never gotten to a 10 with back pain until last night. the pain is mostly in the large flat bones because that is where all the marrow is.

shortly after my kids left i had a small low back ache in my hips and lumbar...soon after it radiated up from my butt to my neck and shoulders, then the pain started in my sternum and ribs....was not continues off and on, but we are managing it with VICODIN.

Oh well pain is weekness leaving your body and in the end it is helping me kick myeloma's butt.

Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes. God has blessed us and has his healing hands on me.

Chrystal is a rock star,I have been a little grumpy, but she continues to care for me and makes sure I am comfortable. I am blessed she loves me so.

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