Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cells are collected

Woo Hoo! cell collection was a great success, so i will stop whining about the "Bone Pain". Today I collected 6.7 million stem cells for a total of 12 million. I only needed 10, so unlike the county and state budget, I have a surplus. I have already signed up to give some to the Hutch for research to help others down the road. I wonder what they will learn from studying the stem cells of a crazy guy like me.

Took a little nap this afternoon and then went see my union brothers and sisters down at the union meeting Shoreline. it was good for Chrystal and I both to have that time to "do our own thing".

Tomorrow, and for the next few days i have daily blood draws to see how things are. my platlets were a little low today, but that is normal and they will bounce back.

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