Sunday, February 28, 2010

hickman in mobilization starting

well the Hickman is in my chest and after a day of pain that is settling down. we had our first lesson so chrystal can care for the catheter. Once again I can not say enuogh about the great staff at SCCA. They are a God send. Dr Petty who put in the Hickman spent extra time with us explaining what was going to happen, then met with chrystal after and showed her the pictures of what he did.

My growth shots started on saturday and continue until we are done collecting cells. They will collect enough cells for 2 transplants...that would be 10 million cells. cell collection should start tuesday or wed, things changes fast though. the growth shots still come with a needle and are given sub Q in fatty tissue. no not my butt. :) they go in the back of my arm and i did not cry.

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  1. Mike, you are a trooper. I bet you wanted to cry though. :o)
    Keep it up, keep getting better.