Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day one moving toward transplant

here we go! Today after working a couple hours at the county and voting on a few issues Chrystal and I headed to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a busy day. The part of the process we are in for the next 7-10 days is called staging. Today started with a blood draw, 5 blood tubes full, and then a break for lunch. After lunch we hung out in the 6th floor lounge/waiting room and relaxed to a great view of lake Union. Our afternoon included a full work up including ALL of the man tests. Then we met one of our Team nurses, Jen and learned we are assigned to the "Gold" Team. SCCA uses a team concept and I have the same nurse, social worker, scheduler, and pharmacist through out. the Docs, PA's and Fellows, rotate monthly. our discussion also included lots of paperwork, more discussion of medical history and orientation... I am wore out and have homework before our first appointment at 8 am tomorrow.

During the rest of the staging period we meet with our Doc, a dentist, a kidney Doc, have a cardiac work up, pulmonary, function test, 24 hour pee collection, and a bone marrow Biopsy. plus the social worker, finance person, nutritionist and maybe a janitor.

Today was awesome! I thank God for the care I am getting. they even offered to have someone work with us on communicating with our Grandchildren about cancer. Everyone is polite professional and customer service focused.

Thank you all again for you love and support


  1. Hey Mike, ask them if they're hiring social workers. I want to move back home!

  2. Hey Coop! MelanieG here. Ready and waiting for the call to babysit you... so Chrystal can have a day off! Gotta keep it all about the sisters! We miss you and are rootin' for you every day.