Thursday, February 25, 2010

things are movin fast now!!!

Today was another awesome day with great news. Me with Dr Bensinger today to make the final decisions on my treatment plan. First words out of his mouth were, "you really don't need dialysis unless you like it so much you want to keep going. I addition he said that my kidneys good recover more after transplant. I like this guy. so no more kidney dialysis. as a reminder I had near fatal toxic levels of creatinin in July and was told that less that 50% of myeloma patients with kidney failure ever get off dialysis. Well we showed them! Thank you God.

Next the Doc went over my numbers and test results. Very small amount of myeloma in my marrow and blood...MRI showed no damage to bones. X-rays showed a very small lesion on my skull, not growing not a big concern. so, we go straight to cell collection and skip the first round of Chemo. Tomorrow I get my Hickman line, then on Saturday they start mobilizing my cells with with growth factors, that is daily doses of a growth hormone for 4 days. My sister Beth wonders if I will get taller. Not sure about that but i certainly won't pass a drug test in the Olympics.

Next tuesday, is cell collection day. if they don't get enough tuesday then we go back wednesday. Thursday or friday i go in for oral surgery to have a broken tooth pulled to reduce risk of infection post transplant. after that heals a few days we do the transplant. Dr Bensinger is a great Doc with a good sense of humor. He looked at my long hair and said "you know your are gonna lose that head of hair." I laughed and said that is part of the plan to kick this cancers ass!!!

God Bless you all and thanks for your continued prayers.

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  1. Awesome news Mike! It sounds like you and I were at very similar places at diagnosis...minus the whole kidney issues.

    So they aren't going to do any chemo (i.e. induction therapy) before whacking those bad boys to the ground with the SCT?

    Keep dominating!