Friday, February 19, 2010

Good news day

Today was a good news day...We started out with the routine blood draw, then I was introduced to a computer self reporting system in the test phase...It is designed to let me answer a bunch of questions that i might not remember to tell the dr. Whatever?

Next we were off to see the nutritionist. We got a lot of good info on managing meals and also had a conversation about balancing my needs on chemo and dialysis. it will be most helpful when treatment starts.

Finally we met with the Dr, PA, and nurse to get the results of all the test from the last week and half. Heart - Great, Lungs/pulmonary function - outstanding. Bones showed some density issues that need more eval and perhaps medication to strengthen. Just a reminder multiple myeloma causes reduction in bone density. I addition there is a sign of a very small spur or lesion on my skull.. So where is the good news?

The marrow biopsy and blood test shows less then 1% myeloma cells..Thank God!!! That means what has been done so far worked and as the dr put it the stem cell transplant is like whacking the myeloma on the head with a hammer.. The other good news is that my kidneys are stable and still appear to be healing. In addition, after we see the dr next week we could go straight to collecting cells and bypass the round of chemo the could damage my kidneys. Praise God! At the end of he day the medical team was very impressed with how I am doing.

Next week things are gonna happen fast, with a coupe more tests, a dental check up and the conference with the medical team to set the treatment schedule and on Friday i get my Hickman line. As a side note Dr Hickman lives in Edmonds and I participated in the ribbon cutting at the newest City Park, "Hickman Park". I met Dr Hickman that day.

Our prayers are being answered and we are blessed to be in the city where some the most progressive and innovative cancer treatment and research in the world is.

Thank you all for your support and prayer.

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  1. Praise God is right! That is great news! You just keep on kicking that myeloma right in the butt Mike! Big hugs to you and to Chrystal for being such an awesome wife to you! We are praying for you all the way!