Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Caboose is sore

After a relaxing valentines day and presidents day weekend with no medical appointments, today started early and ended around noon leaving me feeling like like my jr high PE teacher worked me over with the famous split paddle. a paddle your were required to sign after you stood up and shook hands..enough flashback. We started the day by turning my 24 hour urine collection then had 10 tubes of blood drawn. before leaving the lab I donated a random pee sample.

The most exciting part of the day with out a doubt the bi lateral bone barrow biopsy. the meds made it feel like pressure not pain, but it was as if my friends in the trade unions had some might large tools digging in my butt cheek to get a little marrow and core sample from my hips. adivan, fentenoyl and lidocane made things a much happier experience.

Got home around 1 and took my nap after which the drugs had worn off. so all evening i have been a big whiner with ice on my caboose. one side is screaming extra loud because they had a trouble getting a big enough sample. Big enough? it felt like they wanted the whole stinking hip.

Chrystal continues to be my rock and once again met me with a smile and a hug when it was over. Pray for her strength she puts up with me when i whine.

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