Wednesday, February 17, 2010

another day, more tests, yea

Today was another fun day at SCCA. Adding to the excitement is that this steroid day, woo hoo!

The caboose felt much better today with little soreness. It will be as my baby sister say, "worth it in the END!"

Today began with an hour long pulmonary function test. this is the most comprehension eval I have ever had. the end result is that my lungs are in pretty good shape and that part of my system is working well. I am impressed considering 2 visits to er during my ff career for smoke inhalation. i guess the Shoreline medics and Harborview ER done good back in the day.

next were a couple of rather informative and non eventful meetings. firs it was with Gold Team Social Worker, Angelica. Really that was her name. We talked a lot about emotional and spiritual needs as well as all the services they offer to family and that the clinic has shrinks available. Honest, I didn't try to act crazy!

Finally we met with Gold Team Nurses and went over up coming test and events. spent a fair amount of time with Chrystal talking about home care works and how successful the out patient focus is they were impressed with how well prepared Chrystal is to be a care giver. we also talk a lot about visitors and how to manage them. I made it clear seeing my Grand babies was a priority..That won't be an issue, but guess what, Caitlyn and Trinity will have to wash their hands and face before giving grandpa a hug and kiss...guess we see how that works. the option is hugging but no kiss on face. anyway we will make it work. Grandpa will not be denied having loves from my babies. :)

oh, we also got approval for adivan before the mri tomorrow. :) such a baby!

had a short nap this afternoon while Chrystal took the time to see her Dr for a routine appointment. I pray that God keeps her healthy through this. She is my Rock.

We capped of this beautiful, Edmonds Kind of day with a long 45 min walk i. downtown Edmonds.

Blessings to you all.

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  1. Go get 'em, Tiger! I continue to pray for you and your family. A tough fight, but you're a tougher fighter!

    Take care, my newly reaquainted friend!

    Leslie Aliverti Jones