Sunday, November 28, 2010

it has been a while

Thought I would do a little catch up.

Thanksgiving time in 2009 I was just finishing my chemo treatments that I started i july. I got some good news, I was in partial remission and my counts were good enough to start planning for a stem cell transplant. My Kidneys had also bounced back enough that I reduced my dialysis to 2 days per week.

What a difference a year makes. Today,all my blood tests are normal and my kidneys are working well.

As we celebrated Thanksgiving I reflected on all that is was thankful for. Family and friends who prayed for me, The Drs and Nurses at Puget Sound Cancer Center, The research being done at "the Hutch", The awesome medical team at SCCA and UW.

I could go on a while, but most of all I thank God for the second chance at life.

Each day I get stronger, even though I deal with the side effects from the drugs. I have a very expensive maintenance drug that I will take for many years to come, but it is better then the alternative.

Finally, I am so lucky to have Chrystal, who has stood by my side and taken care of me all this time. I know I can be a pain, so she must really love me.

I hope all of you have time to be thankful.

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